Golden Earth Film Award's Best D.O.P & Best Screenplay winner of February 2019 Edition

Best D.O.P & Best Screenplay

Hindsight Directed by Bass Hathaway

Poster of the Film

a Story about We all look at life and its events differently in hindsight. What would you do differently if you knew the consequences of your actions?

About the Director: Bass Hathaway

Bass Hathaway (born Sebastien Michael Hathaway, 8th August 1992) is an award-winning English film director, producer, composer, actor and screenwriter working in Sydney, Australia. He has studied acting and directing at institutions such as Sydney Theatre School and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts. He is the founder of the film production companies, Hathaway Cinema (based in the UK) and Solo Entertainment (based in Australia) which he has produced several films under. He is consistently working on projects for film and television. He works closely with Digital Realm and Little One Films.

Trailer of the film

Behind the scenes of the film

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