Golden Earth Film Award's Best Animation Film winner of March 2020 Edition

Monkey & Cat Directed by Artie Romero won the Best Animation Film Award

Poster of the Film

Everybody wants milk! In the first Monkey & Cat animated adventure, M&C discover that there are no bananas and there's no milk in the house. On their way to the grocery store they befriend Benny the boxer, who's a blind seeing eye dog, his master Lucas and then encounter a variety of pint-sized antagonists. The conflicts reach a boiling point when everyone converges at the supermarket. The climax is chaotic--but super cute!

Created, written and produced by Sheree' Morris

Theme song lyrics:

Monkey and Cat are two of a kind.

They stuck together ever since their lives were entwined.

They met in a tree in a simple way

and have been friends ever since that day!

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About the Director: Artie Romero began his film career as a producer and director with the founding of Everyman Studios in 1973. He changed the studio's name to ARG! Cartoon Animation in 1994. In a twenty-month period spanning 2005-2006, the ARG! website logged over one billion hits. ARG!'s current home page is

Romero has screen credits on four feature films, many TV series and mini-series, one PBS special, and his studio has produced tens of thousands of digital animations. In 2016, his production of Muyiwa Kayode's Adventures of Turtle Taido was screened Animation Day at Cannes Film Festival.

Trailer of the Film: Monkey & Cat

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