Golden Earth Film Award's Best Student Film & Best Animation Film winner of November 2018 Edition

Best Animation Film

U.P.P. Directed by Kang Hui

Poster of the Film

a Story about In a galaxy far away, Tom and Jack fly a spaceship between planets delivering interstellar packages. One day, Tom is fixing the outer surface of their spaceship, when suddenly he anxiously tries to get back inside. However, he has been unintentionally locked out of the ship by his partner. He calls for Jack to open the door, but Jack is safely inside enjoying his music.

About the Director: Kang Hui

Kang Hui is a naughty young man. Making a good movie is a mainly reason that he joins this field. Three years ago, Kang has move to America for his dream-making his own films. He attempts to learn and touch different knowledge. These knowledge and experience will help him to catch his dream. He follows his heart and runs toward his goal. Under his different facies, there is a unique brain. He dreams strange things all the time. He desires to convey his attitude toward life by making movies. He wishes he can leave something for this evanescent world, not just a box underground.

Trailer of the film

Behind the scenes of the film

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