Golden Earth Film Award's Best Animation Film winner of September 2020 Edition

Ninja Strike Force: Ninja Ties Directed by Jeffrey Pope won the Best Animation Film Award

Poster of the Film

Webster University Senior Overview/Thesis: This is a short about a group of crime fighting ninjas who have no mission alerts on a Sunday morning. With the absence of crime, the TV is up for grabs. Xeno (X), the leader of the ninjas, tries to be the first to get the remote but his teammate, Yayla (Y), ends up taking it right before him. In order to settle who gets the remote, the two have a competition of rock, paper, scissors.

About the Director: Jeffrey Pope is an animator, illustrator, and director based in Saint Louis, Missouri. Jeffrey graduated from Webster University in May 2020 with a Bachelors in Animation and currently works as a freelance animator/illustrator. His dream is to have his cartoon series titled "Ninja Strike Force" becomes more wide spread so that it may inspire others to pursue their dreams.

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