Golden Earth Film Award's Best Child Actor winner of March 2020 Edition

11 Rupaye Directed by Sanket K. Ghag won the Best Child Actor Award

Poster of the Film

A story about a father and his small daughter and their bonding ! In their various activities,both of them play a game where the small girl acts as a shop keeper ! At a point the father realizes that his daughter doesn't understands numbers. The father sacrifices all of his his happiness and sends the girl away to get her educated ! The father lives all alone in the world that actually belongs to both of them. The girl gets educated, she grows up. But does she remember the sacrifices made by her father ? The film deals with the thought that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all !

About the Director: A small town dreamer. A writer. A film maker who likes to make films on human emotional issues and subjects !

Behind the scene

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