Golden Earth Film Award's Best D.O.P winner of September 2020 Edition

The Garden Directed by Kristina Grand won the Best D.O.P Award

Poster of the Film

An angel named Astra clashes into the lives of two strange brothers, Daniel and Connor. Quickly learning of Daniel's affliction, she resolves to help them find a cure, but finds love along the way instead. When the time comes to return to heaven, she must choose between her old life and the one she has found on earth.

About the Director: Kristina is the director of "The Garden," and has a king background immersed in the arts. She attended Carnegie Art Museums' Art Connection whose former gradates include Andy Warhol. Pittsburgh's Preforming and Visual School education encouraged her to try a wide variety of mediums including film, painting, photography, and sculpture. Kristina is recognized both locally a d nationally by the Manchester Craftsmen's guild and Scholastic Art Awards for her work, receiving a national gold metal in photography for the latter. She is currently pursing a career in directing films at Point Park University which gives her an opportunity to work in many different creative areas.

The Garden

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