Golden Earth Film Award's Best Director's Debut winner of November 2018 Edition

Best Director's Debut

Living Idle Directed by Ramana

Poster of the Film

a Story about a symbolic short film that reflects actions have consequences.

This is the story of an artist - a creative sculptor of idols,

that puts life and colour into clusters of mud and clay.

Ironically, he fails to add colour to his own creation- his world, his family, his child.

The narrative revolves around how a creation of the sculptor- an idol of Goddess Durga punishes him (by rendering him indisposed and idle),

when he crosses all limits of abuse and shows him a life of yearning.

The film concludes with a deep dawn of realisation - of how a single action-

takes away from him his ability to be a prolific sculptor-

that of clay and stone and that of his child's future.

The film is embedded with contrasting symbolism, as aptly reflected in its title,

most strongly that of the strength of a woman, of a mother, which is -

representative in Goddess Durga's rendition of 'Good over Evil'.

About the Director: Ramana

Ramana is an upcoming Indian Director and had also specialized his skills in Art Direction, Visual Story Telling and Visual Scripting. Throughout his career, he has worked in many great films like Puss in Boots, Madagascar, Elizabeth 2 & 3, Prince of Persia etc.

Ramana has been working in the movie business for over 20 years and has been a part of a renowned studios like DreamWorks. He has always been an inspiration to the people of Indian animation industry.

He started his journey in the Animation Industry armed with a BFA and a Diploma in animation film-making, and inspired by Disney's traditional storytelling and their electrifying characters. He walked the path of animation and live action for 19 years, exploring various film formats along the way, including visual scripting and visual development. Having discovered that his strength lay in Direction, he has now graduated into a full time Director. His best works include those done for Mr Shekhar Kapur (Director:Elizabeth)

and, on various DreamWorks projects, including Puss In Boots and Madagascar 3.

“Art, not only represents the outward appearance of things but their inward significance too”. Looking at Ramana’s work, this feels so true. Not only he has worked in many famous films but has also made some of the finest artworks.

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