Golden Earth Film Award's Best Director winner of March 2021 Edition

"Breadcrumbs" Directed by Lilia Le Dieu, Konstantin Pivovar won the Best Director Award

Poster of the Film

C., a needy man, knocks on the doors of a next door building and asks its residents for some bread for his starving children.

P. opens the door and they engage in a long conversation about selfishness and good deeds. C. tries to explain his point that people help others to feel good about themselves, not necessarily because of pure altruistic motives. P. gives C. all of his bread to prove he’s a good person, and C. leaves.

The next day when he enters the elevator with the neighbor L. he sees this note:

“Dear residents, recently I came to your building, because my family was starving. I went through every floor, knocking on every door. And none of you, not even one soul in this building gave me anything.
 I wanted to let you know”.

Feeling betrayed and embarrassed of what the neighbors will think of him, P. tears off the note and pays a visit to C. After a heated conversation, C. starts typing more notes. He explains that it doesn't matter if anyone knows about the act of kindness as long as it was really done. His goal was to "save P. from his ego". Shocked and furious, P. smashes a typewriter on C’s head in front of his little children, leaving him breathless on the floor.

He returns to his building and plans to knock on every door to let everyone know that he has actually shared bread with C.

About the Director: Lilia Le Dieu, Konstantin Pivovar

Lilia Le Dieu is a Vietnamese director and producer from Belarus. In 2018 she decided to pursue her passion in visual storytelling and moved to Los Angeles to study Filmmaking Masters program at New York Film Academy.

Her main goal is to tell unique stories, produce and direct movies, music videos and commercials. Her short film debut "Breadcrumbs", a black&white philosophical drama inspired by works of Frank Kafka and Ayn Rand, will be released in 2020. The screenplay has received several awards at notable film festivals.

Lilia strongly believes that unique and meaningful script, consistent directing and talented actors build the base of a good movie, and everything else falls into the right place when these three pillars are there. She is extremely passionate about finding true talent and collaborating with like-minded artists


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