Golden Earth Film Award's Best Documentary Film winner of December 2020 Edition

The Last Day on Duty Directed by Jon Cortegoso Otaduy won the Best Documentary Film Award

Poster of the Film

“La última Guardia” covers the last stretch of the career of Javier Herrán, a firefighter stationed in Urioste (Bizkaia). As he approaches retirement, you will get an insight into the workings of a well-oiled group and, particularly, the life of one of the brigade’s most eccentric firefighters with rank of corporal, who does not want to face up to retirement. The film focusing on his journey along with Javier Galbarriartu opens a window onto the work of a profession whose members risk their lives for other citizens. This documentary that discusses life and ageing reveals the feelings of the main character who still seems young, both physically and at heart, and who loves a job that he does not want to give up.

About the Director: Jon Cortegoso Otaduy

Jon Cortegoso Otaduy, 1978 Bilbao

The director of this feature film (Jon Cortegoso) who has also recorded, written and edited the documentary, has been 3 years of intense work and hard recording conditions, to reach the soul of the protagonists in very complicated work.

Behind the scene

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