Golden Earth Film Award's Best Documentary Film winner of March 2020 Edition

FRANK AND FREE - How Frank didn't become a murderer Directed by Eva Amann won the Best Documentary Film Award

Poster of the Film

Frank Guthke, 91 and impressively spry for his age, talks about his experiences before, during and after the Second World War. His remarkable life story includes the time he met Hitler; walking through the bombed city of Dresden; hiding his sisters from drunken GIs; and making a deal with a Russian border guard. His whole life, Frank has held his personal freedom in the highest regard, which is why sacrificing himself for a war he never wanted seemed inconceivable to him. At no more than 16 years old, he had to make a life-or-death decision. With the mental picture of hanged deserters still in mind, he jumped out of a train and made it back to Germany on his own while only travelling at night. He survived several dangerous situations and managed to stay positive during the toughest of times, with nothing but his wits and a healthy dose of luck to help him along. His story offers an answer to the question of what one person can do to defy totalitarianism, and that’s to never bow to it.

About the Director: Eva Amann was born in Bregenz in 1977. She studied History of Art and Exhibition and Cultural Management and worked for art galleries, the Kunsthalle Vienna and KÖR (Art in public spaces Vienna). Eva started to express her creativity with paintings as a teenager. After extra occupational studies of photo- and videography she is now working in that area together with her partner Stefan Gutternigh under the name of „4eyes2view“.

Trailer of the Film: FRANK AND FREE - How Frank didn't become a murderer

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