Golden Earth Film Award's Best Documentary Film winner of May 2018 Edition

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a Story about My documentary is startling revelation about the abysmal working conditions in Bollywood which is now laying claim to be global giant and churning out thousands of hours of content. The technicians and workers are deprived of social security and long punishing working hours take their toll on their health. The basic and fundamental safety measures are absent leading to accidents with unfailing regularity. Basic facilities such as clean toilets and hygienically prepared food are not accessible. In nutshell human rights are violated on sets and locations with impunity.

Mi documental es una sorprendente revelación sobre las pésimas condiciones de trabajo en Bollywood, que ahora dice ser un gigante global y genera miles de horas de contenido. Los técnicos y los trabajadores están privados de la seguridad social y las largas jornadas laborales que castigan afectan su salud. Las medidas de seguridad básicas y fundamentales están ausentes y conducen a accidentes con una regularidad infalible. No se puede acceder a las instalaciones básicas, como baños limpios y alimentos preparados higiénicamente. En pocas palabras, los derechos humanos se violan en escenarios y lugares con impunidad

About the Director: OPENDER CHANANA

Author of several publications on National and International Cinema, he has represented India as a member of International Jury of International Film Festivals besides serving as a panelist on national and international seminars and conventions. He was part of the campaign to launch the first ever International Festival of Documentary, short and animation films in Mumbai in 1990. He was part of Indian film delegation to several International Film Festivals. He was the first Secretary to the International Jury of the first festival. He had the unique distinction of representing his university in Indian Classical dance (Kathak). He was also awarded Diploma in German language. Subsequently he also did certificate course in Spanish language.

As Honorary General Secretary of Indian Film Directors’ Association (IFTDA) (1996-2006) and earlier its Senior Vice President and Jt. Secretary, he was instrumental in providing better living conditions and environment for technicians and craftsmen and access to professional training for upgrading their knowledge and skills. In the year 2001 he was elected as the Honorary General Secretary of FWICE. He was earlier the Vice President of the Federation and member of the National Executive Committee of All India Film Employees Confederation. He has been a strong advocate of preservation and sustenance of multi-cultural and multi-linguistic National Cinemas all over the world. As Regional Secretary of Federation of Cine Clubs (FFSI) and Film Forum, in the eighties, he spent several years in promoting the acclaimed works of Cinema art from countries, which had no access to Indian distribution and exhibition infrastructure. He was also elected to the World Executive Committee of, a Global Union Federation. He was consultant to a leading Television News Channel (2000-2008). He is also a documentary & short filmmaker besides being a consultant to two leading craft union. A voluminous book 'The Missing 3 in Bollywood-Safety, Security, Shelter" penned by him was released by an eminent retired Justice.R.J. Kochar, who also wrote its preface. Being one of its kind it has been acclaimed all over the world.

His recently completed documentary LIVING ON THE EDGE-DEGLAMORISING BOLLYWOOD draws attention of all concerned to the ignored safety, health and abysmal working conditions of millions of workers and technicians. It focus attention on the violation of all fundamental human rights in an industry that is aspiring to become a global giant.

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