Golden Earth Film Award's Best Documentary Film winner of September 2021 Edition

From Korea to Canada and back again: Sound vs. Noise Directed by Finn Harvor won the Best Documentary Film Award

Poster of the Film

South Korea, despite its small size, is filled with beautiful nature. However, precisely because of its high population density, that means that effective zoning in order to allow harmonious balance between nature and development is crucially necessary. One sees evidence of this in the way industrial noises tend not to be adequately controlled via appropriate zoning. By contrast, Canada, with its vast amounts of land, still has densely populated urban centers that suffer from noise pollution. In both nations, the zoning process is made ineffective by the lobbying power of developers. While strengthened zoning is a good strategy for noise pollution reduction, at some point our societies will have to become less consumerist.

About the Director: Finn Harvor

Award-winning artist, writer, musician, filmmaker. Articles in many journals including the Brooklyn Rail and Canadian Notes and Queries. Have presented to academic conferences in Oxford, Bath, Liverpool, Berlin, Seoul, Osaka, and elsewhere. Selected by festivals in Korea, Ireland, the U.K., the US, China (Hong Kong), Kazakhstan, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Serbia, Portugal, Russia, and India.

Behind the scene

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