Golden Earth Film Award's Best Feature Film winner of September 2021 Edition

A Father's Diary Directed by Golam Mustofa won the Best Feature Film Award

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Hassan and Mario - are neighbors. They have raised their daughters, Dina and Isabella together, supporting each other through tough times. When Hassan, faces the challenges of modern life, both inside and outside the home, his reactions propel a series of events that threatens everything he holds dear. When his daughter Dina becomes more than good friends, a life partner, with her best friend Isabella, hard decisions have to be made. 'A Father's Diary' chronicles one man's love of his family and tells how passion and fear can take over love, loyalty, and reason, and shows how the past can determine the very fabric of the future. A study of parenthood, partnership, and relationships, 'A Father's Diary' is a tough portrayal of a father who struggles to come to terms with his wife and daughter's choices and the impact it has on those closest to him. This feature is filmed in the USA, Canada, Australia, and Bangladesh. A film by the award-winning director, Golam Mustofa, produced by, Banzai Multimedia, in Canada.

About the Director: Golam Mustofa

Golam Mustofa, born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and educated in the USA, is the director, writer, and producer of the feature film "A Father's Diary." He is also an active jury in a number of film festivals around the Los Angeles area. He is also a renowned lyricist in North America and Bangladesh for his heart-touchy lyrics. His previous feature film "A Drop of Love" was awarded nine film festivals including "Best Dramatic Film" and the short film "Message in the Fortune Cookie" was awarded by 12 film festivals including the "Best Audience Choice" award.

Mustofa earned a B.S. in Accounting and an M.S. in Computer Science from the City University NY (CUNY), where he also studied Visual Communication Media, Computer Graphics, Indie Film Making, Photography, Computer Animation, and Computer Music, and made numbers of short films. He is also skilled in Screenwriting, Songwriting, 3D Animation, Graphic Design, Sound Mixing, Special Effects Supervision, NLE Film Editing Supervision, Software Development, and Performance Engineering, Software Verification & Validation Architecting, Teaching & Training - Software Development & Verification areas.

"A Father's Diary" is one of his feature films which made him travel three continents - North America, South Asia, and Australia with the cast and crew; currently he is also working on five feature films like "Switching", "End of the Street", "Where the Heart Belongs", "Memory in Motion", and "360 Degree" and a couple of shorts as well.

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