Golden Earth Film Award's Best Female Director winner of December 2021 Edition

Color Poetry Directed by Tahura Khan won the Best Female Director Award

Poster of the Film

This story is a portrayal of relationships through colour. My main goal was to not overly complicate it. It is a steady incline of emotions of two types of people in a relationship. Type A will be known as red. Red represents the kind of person who is constantly on edge, they are insecure, disorganised, restless, nervous, plagued with anxiety, overpowered by inner demons. Red is defined by being off balance. Blue, which is Type B, represents the polar opposite. They are calm, composed, healthy, stable, organised, at peace. The film will plot a seemingly smooth path of their relationship however it will illustrate the internal and mental progression of the two characters. This is most evidently seen in a long distant relationship. This situation is a perfect minefield that requires both parties to understand their emotions and communicate them effectively in order to get to the other side. In this case the other side is represented by the colour purple. Purple explored the more evolved being that takes the positive from both red and blue to create a beautiful union that is seemingly unbreakable. However both parties need to accept purple in order to grow.

About the Director: Tahura Khan

Tahura's pronouns are She/Her

College reject Tahura Khan is no stranger to the industry. Having grown up on sets it was natural for her to pick up a thing or two. Through her discovery of filmmaking she found a great shortage of representation of the Queer community in the media and most mainstream projects are underrepresented, misrepresented or just completely conform to stereotypes. Tahura aims to create authentic South Asian Queer films that are made by and for the LGBTQIA+ community. Having had no educational background in filmmaking she debuts her first ever film attempt, Tahura wanted to simply capture a simple situation that is usually portrayed through a heterosexual scope of a long distance relationship with a queer twist to show that being queer is absolutely and completely normal and the experiences are just like a hetero conforming relationship.

Behind the scene

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