Golden Earth Film Award's Best First Time Director winner of December 2021 Edition

Dear Quarantine Directed by Tuğba Yiğitcan won the Best First Time Director Award

Poster of the Film

The film is about a woman living alone in Istanbul and her special journey within herself during the Covid-19 pandemic that surrounded the world in 2020.

Tuğba faces the pandemic unexpectedly, like everyone else, and the curfew which is linked to it. Normally, loneliness was an option or a situation she actually longed for, because of her busy career. Now, it has become inevitable. If you were to ask Tuğba, she is sure what she would do if she found herself to be alone. In reality, she is shattered once she really is alone.

Everything has turned inside out.

Maybe this is the first time she has had the opportunity to listen to herself. The longer the lock down lasts, the longer the listening state turns into a process. While the pieces coming out of her form the whole that defends and creates Tuğba, now these, as a crowd, try to destroy each other.

The more she sees herself and who she is, the more the parts of her soul touch each other. She tries to find out which part she really is. Which part gives her peace and whether she actually has what makes her happy inside herself or if that is, in fact, outside. As she works, she sees how everything that lightens her soul, weighs heavily upon her and how the emotions that keep her alive are secretly trying to trip her. Once the system is broken Tuğba watches the reconstruction of the parts, although it is painful.

In the end, Tuğba, who has no choice but to confront herself, discovers that there is a way to reconcile herself and that being happy is not that complicated.

She really has to want to be happy.

About the Director: Tuğba Yiğitcan

She was born 1985 in Germany and she went back to Turkey when she was 15. She graduated 2009 from Hacettepe University (Istanbul) with a bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature. From 2006 to her graduation she had been working as an assistant to Mehmet Arslan Güven who is an academician at Hacettepe University, specialized in Photography. Between the years 2008 and 2009 she held multiple workshops on Camera Obscura. She has been working as an assistant director since 2012.

Behind the scene

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