Golden Earth Film Award's Best First Time Director winner of September 2021 Edition

Come Outside Directed by Sheldon Woodson won the Best First Time Director Award

Poster of the Film

An astrological event changes the vibration of the sun's effect on the consciousness of the people who goes directly in its light turning them into mindless zombies seen throw the eyes of a young lady who loves the sun.

About the Director: Sheldon Woodson

Sheldon Woodson is a retired military vet from Gary, Indiana with a Master's Degree in Business Management and Bachelors in Marketing. He's also the author of four published books, "Destination - Sowing and Reaping", Spiritual Eyes - Seeing is Believing" "Darkness in the Light" and his self-help book "Choice - Choice Matters." Sheldon considers himself an AutuerPreur whose final destination in life is to write, film, and direct conscious movies under a banner he calls, edutainment.

Behind the scene

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