Golden Earth Film Award's Best LGBT Film winner of February 2019 Edition

Best LGBT Film

Des3ngaño Directed by Aniez Atlas

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a Story about The story about a woman in love with another woman in love with a man

About the Director: Aniez Atlas

Aniez is an actor, voice actor, director, artist and entertainer. He has worked in various film projects (that include both short films and independent features ranging from various genres such as comedy and drama), TV series and web-series in Spain, England, The Netherlands, Italy and Poland. He has played a variety of roles. Apart from acting and cinema, his passion includes painting, photography, travel, languages, culture, art, literature, animals and nature. He has lived in several countries throughout Europe, Asia and Africa and is fluent in various languages. He has participated in and won art contests. 'Blue Rhapsody' is his directorial debut. He is currently directing the feature film 'Velvet Calling'.

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Behind the scenes of the film

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