Golden Earth Film Award's Best LGBT Film winner of September 2020 Edition

The Parlor with Jeff + Cosgrove Directed by Daniel Maggio won the Best LGBT Film Award

Poster of the Film

"The Parlor" is an oral storytelling project featuring Jeff + Cosgrove (stars of the HUMP! Fest short film "The Glory Hole"). After 26 years of partnership, these elderly gay men have dozens of intimate, raw, hilarious and touching stories from their lives. As Cosgrove says, "When making life decisions, we always choose the more interesting story."

Residing in Cathedral City, Jeff and Cosgrove have turned their living room into the parlor: part cozy hangout spot, part living museum. Hundreds of photos cover the walls, representing different chapters of their relationship. They cover topics ranging from commitment, celebrity run-ins, living with HIV, pride, and what it means to be an aging queer today.

This is the first episode of the series, telling the story of their historic wedding day at San Francisco City Hall on June 28th, 2013.

About the Director: The Parlor was developed by Marty Fishman Productions (Daniel Maggio, Myles Gilbert, Wesley Houdyshell, Stephen Siemens). The production company has a long history working with Cosgrove as an actor. In 2010, Daniel and Myles cast Cosgrove in a short film at SJSU called Punch Line, a dark comedy set in a clown college. Over the past decade, the Marty Fishman team has produced a feature film musical, a historical drama, a miniseries and half a dozen short films (including The Glory Hole). And Yes! Cosgrove has acted in many of these projects. The creative team behind The Parlor resemble family members to Jeff and Cosgrove more than just a film crew. This web series was birthed from many late nights and weekend visits, sharing stories, and wanting to capture them with reverence.

Behind the scene

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