Golden Earth Film Award's Best Male Actor winner of March 2021 Edition

Back Stabber- Season 2 Directed by Ryan Zamo , Jordan Fraser won the Best Male Actor Award

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Chaos is set to descend upon this small uppity town in PA. When past secrets become tomorrow's headlines, bonds will be broken, hearts will be broken and families will be destroyed forever.

About the Director: Ryan Zamo , Jordan Fraser

Ryan Zamo is an Emmy-Award-winning producer, writer, actor and director. He has been highlighted by some of the most recognizable press outlets, including a Huffington Post article that says he has "changed the history of filmmaking forever".

Producing, writing and staring in his most successful Amazon TV project 'Back Stabber', Ryan Zamo has already racked up 9 nominations, and has won 5 of those awards. Included in those 5 wins was his first Emmy award for 'Outstanding Series Premise' for 'Back Stabber', 'Best Writing' by ISA and 'Best Actor' by Festigous International Film Festival. Ryan has taken 'Back Stabber' from its first season being an unrecognized low budget project, to a successful drama series with viewership reaching around the world.

Ryan produced the 12 episodes in the first season of ‘Back Stabber’ for a final budget of just $1200. Highlighting bullying, acceptance and LGBT issues, the show was recognized for stepping outside the comfort zone and raising awareness for such societal problems. Ryan completed the series with such a low budget by personally doing every job himself, including; writing, producing, casting, filming, directing, starring, scoring, marketing and PR. Recently wrapping production for season 2 of the series, Ryan managed to produce all 17 episodes with a final budget of $3,500. Ryan is now working on post-production for season 2, and it is set for release later this year.

Though Season 1 of ‘Back Stabber’ appears to have a high cinema look and soundscape, Ryan completed production using a SonyA77ii and a Zoom H6 handheld microphone. Using creative techniques, Ryan then converted the footage from digital 60fps to classic cinema 24fps. Furthermore, to manipulate the look and feel of the raw footage, Ryan used both Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere to bring a cinematic feel to the show. As most of the raw audio was harsh and rough to hear because of the low quality microphone used, Ryan spent countless hours in Adobe Audition cleaning up the dialogue and truly enhancing the soundscape within the world of the characters.

In early 2019 Ryan Zamo began his newest adventure in creative development. In under a year, Ryan has already signed and sold seven TV series. His first two concepts sold to NBC studios, the third to Leapson Bounds, his next three concepts sold to KT Studios, and his most recent idea sold to Big Fish Entertainment. Currently, Ryan has developed three additional TV series, which are currently in the process of being shopped to buyers.

Ryan graduated at the top of his class from California State University of Los Angeles in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in TV/Film Media Studies. In 2009 Ryan produced, developed, wrote and edited his first short film titled, ‘The Next Factor’.

During his first college semester in 2007, Ryan produced his first webseries, titled ‘Impossible Magic’. As his first independent project outside of school, he developed and produced 8 episodes and brought in a small following of fans. Working on ‘Impossible Magic’ gave him the fundamentals and lessons he would use to succeed in future projects.

Today Ryan continues to shine in Los Angeles as he continues his passion for the industry, he is working on developing new ideas, film scripts and tv series.

Trailer of: Back Stabber- Season 2

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