Golden Earth Film Award's Best Screenplay winner of December 2019 Edition

Adam and the Aliens Directed by Nathaniel Baker won the Best Screenplay Award

Poster of the Film

Act 1: An aspiring astronaut, Young Judy (8) plays in her room when she hears her baby sister Maria (1) crying. With parents asleep, Judy brings Maria to her room. Suddenly, a large alien, called the Red King, flies across the night sky. Judy sees it and takes Maria outside to inspect it. While standing on the yard, a red beam shoots down from the Red King and pulls Maria up. Judy is unable to stop it and when the alien spaceship takes off, Judy realizes they have taken Maria. Nearly three decades later. A UFO crashes onto Earth outside Judy's (now late 30s) house. Judy's 8-year-old son, Adam, sees the raising purple smoke from the crash site but doesn't think much of it. Later that night, Adam is woken up by a noise from the garage. He goes to investigate when he sees a mysterious blue object in the garage. To Adam's great surprise, the object can speak and tells Adam his name is Rio. Scared, Adam runs away. The next day, Adam is in the school playground when he is suddenly pushed over by three bullies: Sam, Tom, and the ringleader Jack. The boys steal Adam's favorite toy, Speedy, before Adam realizes what happened. Later that day, Adam cries in his bed. Rio hears his cries and enters the room, hoping to help Adam. After the initial shock, Adam gathers his courage to talk to Rio and tells him about Speedy. Act 2: The next day, Adam and Rio track Speedy to the park. Using Rio’s ability to fly and become invisible, Adam and Rio track the bullies down to their treehouse. Jack is shocked when Adam suddenly appears from nowhere and loses his balance. When Jack is about to fall, Adam leaps to rescue and saves him. Grateful Jack gives Speedy back to Adam. Adam and Rio return home when Rio receives a distress signal from one of his missing friends. That night, Rio and Adam look for a wifi router in Adam's garage when a blue blob flies towards them. Adam nearly screams when Rio recognizes it as his friend Max-e-o-e. Rio uses the wifi router to communicate with his friends and tracks them down to Tokyo. He and Adam fly to Japan while Max-eo-e stays home and pretends to be Adam. Rio and Adam track down Rio's friends -- Henry, Logan, and Miles –- to the harbor. But they soon realize, the entire thing was a trap. Now under the influence of a mysterious device that drains their energy. Rio is too weak to fight. It is now up to Adam to save everyone. Adam finds the device and deactivates it, giving the aliens their power back. Adam and the aliens return to Adam's house while back in Tokyo, the Red King finds out about the aliens escaping. However, his accomplice, the Red Queen, reveals she has tracked Rio to North America. The next day, Adam and the aliens try to repair their spaceship when Jack appears to apologize. Jack sees the aliens and Adam convinces him they are friendly. Things get worse when Judy comes home. Adam and Jack try to keep Judy from finding out about the aliens but ultimately fail. Meanwhile, Miles and Logan work on fixing the ship when they are attacked by the Red King's army. With the Red King closing in, the aliens realize they need everyone's help in conquering the army. Just then, the Red Queen arrives. To Judy's great surprise she recognizes her, realizing she is now grown-up Maria. Red Queen denies all knowledge of Maria and kidnaps Judy. Act 3: The Red King attacks the city with his minions, trying to capture the aliens. Meanwhile, in the Red Queen’s spaceship, Judy wakes up and warns the Red Queen that her nephew Adam is in danger. The Red Queen doesn't believe Judy until she shows her a diamond-shaped birthmark she knows Maria also has. Seeing the birthmark brings back all the memories and Red Queen/Maria promises to help conquer her kidnapper, the Red King. Meanwhile, Henry flies back to Tokyo and steals the mysterious device that can drain the aliens' energy. He returns to his friends, and they are joined by Judy and Maria. Adam and Jack distract the Red King while Maria fights him. But the Red King is too powerful and disarms Maria who falls to the ground only to be saved by Max-e-o-e. Meanwhile, Rio asks Logan and Miles to catapult him towards the Red King. Once inside the Red King’s body, Rio turns on the device, sacrificing himself and causing the Red King to explode. With Red King and his army conquered, the aliens gather around Rio's lifeless body. Suddenly, Rio wakes up, making a full recovery. They all return to Adam's house, where they all take a ride in Maria's spaceship to celebrate their newfound friendship.

About the Writer: Nathaniel Baker

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