Golden Earth Film Award's Best Screenplay winner of November 2018 Edition

Best Screenplay

MY SAVIOUR Directed by Steven Murphy

Poster of the Film

a Story about MONICA is a lost and broken woman, whom, after a series of setbacks, feels that her world has been turned upside down. After a brutal attack by a local gang she feels she has nothing left and wishes for somebody to come and save her from her unhappy life. A MAN appears from nowhere and protects MONICA from another attack at the hands of the gang. They form a deep and powerful bond as they embark on a passionate affair. As her confidence is restored, MONICA then begins to question The MAN'S past. During her investigation, she is forced to confront truths about her own existence; truths that she never thought existed. But as events spiral out of control through a hellish nightmare she realises that devastating consequences may be waiting for her and her SAVIOUR.

About the Director: Steven Murphy

MY SAVIOUR is my second feature film. My first was called DOORWAYS which is also a feature, it was based on my 20 years as a bouncer and in the army

I adapted it from my stage play that I performed.

I tried to get onto my local drama course when I left school, but because I was working full time as a bouncer I was told I wouldn't be able to devote the time to tehe course as the other students were funded by parents/guardina.

I was disappointed but vowed to try again trhe next year, which I did.

This time I was told my lifestyle wasn't conducive to the course. Im not sure what that means now. But at 18.19 was devastated as I felt my dreams were over before they had begun

I drifted through my 20's through every employment going. i became quite self destructiv with alcoholism , mainly because I was frustrated I wasn't following my passion, I had lost confidence and didn't know how as I didn't move in 'arty' circles.

When I was 31 I got sober and tried out for the course again. It was a different turtor and he placed me straight on the degree course. I passed . but more than the degree it gave me back my confidence and transformed me as a person. I sat down in a drak room and wrote my play DOORWAYS basedf on my 20 years as abouncer and in the army. It also dealt with many thesmes that I was wrestling with, lost time, lost goals, friendship. addiction and what it is to a be a 'man' in a modern society.

Through the stage play of DOORWAYS I was fortunate enough to win a writing scholarship with The National Theatre and an acting one at New York Film Academy.

Whilst trying to raise the cash to live in New York for a year I sold my taxi, and numerous possessions, and I also entered a cage fighting tournament as there was a prize of £5,000 which would have helped considerably.

Unfortunate I broke my leg during it so that dream was over.

But every cloud has a silver lining so I decided to turn DOORWAYS into a feature film.

I had no experience or money, just a love and passion for cinema.

I approached local business and raised the money privately

I storyboarded, shot listed, ran actor rehearsals. I only directed as I couldn’t afford one.

I hired a professional sound person and DOP.

I made MY SAVIOUR the same way.

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Behind the scenes of the film

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