Golden Earth Film Award's Best Screenplay winner of September 2019 Edition

Best Screenplay

Immortal Hero Directed by Hiroshi Akabane

Poster of the Film

a Story about Makoto Mioya spends busy days as a successful writer and founder of a publishing company, living happily with his wife, Isoko and his 3 children. But he has a secret. He has been in touch with highly evolved beings in the Spirit World for years, awakening him to the truth about spiritual existence and life after death. One day, Makoto has a heart attack and doctors tell him from a medical perspective he is functionally dead. However, miraculously, he comes back from the edge of death. Focused on accomplishing his mission to convey the invisible truth, he devotes his whole life to this mission. But as word and his popularity spread, he starts to face harsh criticism from the public and his wife struggles to understand him. Makoto continues to dedicate his 2nd life to fulfilling his mission.

About the Director: Hiroshi Akabane

Hiroshi Akabane believes that “movies have the power to make a difference in people’s lives”. He was born in Japan on July 4, 1951. In 1975, after graduating from Senshu University, he worked as a freelance assistant director and at a company now called DREAMAX TELEVISION INC.. The first TV series he produced was, “Maido Osamagaseshimasu” at TBS Television. He went on to produce many hit TV series including “Kyoshi BinBin Monogatari,” starring Toshihiko Tahara (High Teen Boogie), “GTO” starring Takashi Sorimachi (Yamato, Fulltime Killer) and Nanako Matsushima (Ringu, When Marnie Was There).

Trailer of the film

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