Golden Earth Film Award's Best Screenwriter winner of December 2021 Edition

This Case & My Life Directed by Ana A P Braunstein won the Best Screenwriter Award

Poster of the Film

The protagonist is Chris Roberts played by Mark Karten. Chris is married to Mrs.Stacey Roberts played by Monica Phillips. He is a successful lawyer in a New York City law firm with complicated cases, and his relationships are starting to catch up with him. His long-time law partner Mark Harrison played by Alexander Carney, who he made a personal deal with, is closing in on him for resolution. And his long-time executive assistant Kathy Welch played by Ana P. Braunstein is caught in the middle trying to manage his professional and personal life. She is secretly considering quitting her job at the firm. Chris's life is about to change when a detective enters the picture. And the day brings him other shocking news.

About the Director: Ana A P Braunstein

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Ana is a U.S Citizen and has lived in New York for many years. Her love for writing and acting began at an early age. As a child, she used to write stories and perform for her mother, siblings and friends. Her father gave Ana her first camera when she was five. She was fascinated with photography and liked to create stories. As a teenager, she wrote, acted and participated in plays in school, churches and communities every chance she had. Her loving parents had a passion for the arts and they were both avid readers, and they influenced all three children to be good readers. Her parents took her to museums, movies, concerts, ballet, and many national and international plays that premiered at the prestigious Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro where she was fascinated and enchanted by it. Today, going through the Covid pandemic made her realize more than ever before that time is one of the most valuable assets. And during quarantine she began to write again. Ana dreamed someday to be acting in a movie sharing stories. Well, It's time ... someday is now!

Behind the scene

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