Golden Earth Film Award's Best Screenwriter winner of March 2020 Edition

BELLA LOBA Written by FLORENCE NAHON won the Best Screenwriter Award

Poster of the Film

Paul Wolff’s search to cure his daughter’s lupus, takes them on a journey of spies, wolves, and the ultimate grab for world power. Russian Scientists with the help of General Vladimir Rodionov and his team of Super Agents attempt to kidnap Bella, who now has super human strength due to Protocol B’s secret ingredient. Bella finds herself defending her father's research, as well as herself and her new love Oscar, against Russia’s goal of creating a super human Army of soldiers, with the stolen formula.

About the Writer: As strange as it may seem, this is the written work of the daughter of a French mother and a Spanish father.

Proud in the meticulous education I received in the French Secondary school of Malaga, allowed me to discover my literary versatility. It was an uncanny thirst for knowledge and discovery that encouraged me to explore the many literary styles of fiction, romance, and suspense.

As a romantic writer I claim not to understand writing that is not deep from within, using my own moral teaching and personal experiences to maintain the very real personal and feminine connection to my work.

Most of the time I do freelance writing, but I'm also a prolific writer of fiction novels and screenplays, having produced many novels in Spain, namely "Simplemente Morgana" "Lobo Blanco, Lobo Negro", "Amor de Mil Amores" and the Award Winning Screenplays "Florence's Dream", "Unfaithful by Nature", "White Wolf, Black Wolf ", "Bella Loba" and "Laura Must Die".

When it comes to my personality, what stands out is my original style. Moralistic, surpassing the boundaries, romantic and morbid at the same time, all meaning that it is impossible to limit me to any one specific style.

As a self-confessed representative of the modern and independent woman, I admit to having finally found the perfect place within these two aspects of life. Although these are not the specific facts about me, my educational achievements, dress sense or apolitical beliefs, I do share a love of animals and fair play.

In telling you about the kind of books and scripts I like to write, I pretty much spell out who I truly am.

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