Golden Earth Film Award's Best Short Film winner of February 2019 Edition

Best Short Film

Midway Home Directed by Fabian Cardenas

Poster of the Film

a Story about A visual odyssey of post traumatic stress as seen through the eyes of a young Army veteran, struggling with reality and civilian life, haunted by friends and those that brought her harm.

About the Director: Fabian Cardenas

Fabián Cárdenas is a film director, producer, actor, writer and the founder of Cinema 360 Films. He is known for the award winning short film Desde el Alma (2013) and Freddie of Wynwood (2015), a short film that was selected by the Miami International Film Festival and will be airing on PBS in 2018. His experiences as an actor and involvement in theatre as a director, writer, producer and actor, for more than 20 years in the United States and Latin America, bring depth and variety to his filmmaking. He has worked with both local and international professionals on his own projects and in other film, television and theatre productions and brings a solid lineup of talent and expertise to any project. Mr. Cárdenas is a storyteller at heart; willing to mold any medium and tell compelling stories.

Trailer of the film

Behind the scenes of the film

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