Golden Earth Film Award's Best Student Film winner of December 2020 Edition

A Day in the Life of a Boy Directed by Niklas Bauer won the Best Student Film Award

Poster of the Film

Autistic boy Daan has a unique perspective on the world. His little sister Millie struggles with his sometimes strange behaviour and the lack of attention she gets from their single mother. When Daan accidentally kills her pet bird, emotions overflow - will Millie be able to be there for her brother despite it all?

The film encounters the child protagonists at eye level and allows room for both perspectives.

About the Director: Niklas Bauer

Born and raised as the youngest son of a large family in Saarland, Niklas became interested in storytelling at an early age.

Niklas Bauer has been working professionally as a filmmaker since 2014. He began his career as a production assistant in Berlin and also worked as 2nd assistant director for the programme "Tatort: Söhn & Väter" and as 1st assistant director on the ARD children's short film "Flaschendrehen".

In 2016 Niklas decided to study film at the Hochschule Darmstadt, where he was able to make several short films, documentaries and advertising projects.

As part of the LGBTQI+ community, Niklas is familiar with the feeling of being perceived differently and processes this in a variety of ways in his films.

His short documentary "§173", which raises the question why the love of a sibling couple should be worth less and is even illegal, was shown at the Hessian Hochschulfilmtag and the 13th Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt OnDemand, as well as at the European Filmmarket of the Berlinale in the context of the HessenTalents2020.

His graduation film "A Day in the Life of a Boy" is another example of his sensitive approach and his love for the marginalized members of society.

Behind the scene

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