Golden Earth Film Award's Best Student Film winner of June 2018 Edition

Best Student Film

Fear of the Dark Mark Directed by Jordan-Paige Sudduth

Poster of the Film

a Story about With the Death Eaters beginning to terrorize London, six Hogwarts students have taken refuge in the woods. With mixed feelings about the safety of Hogwarts, compared to cover the woods provides, personality clashes reveal issues within the group. Both wise and unwise decisions are made with one thought in mind- the fear of the dark mark, and danger may be closer than they think.

About the Director: Jordan-Paige Sudduth

Jordan-Paige Sudduth is a 16 year old actress, filmmaker, writer, author, and occasional cinematographer and editor. Born on April 13, 2001, she began acting in stage productions in the 4th grade, then became interested in acting for film and television around 11 years old. She resides in Cumming, GA with her mom and dad, and her brother who is attending college in Florida. Outside of acting, she enjoys writing screenplays and novels, reading, and hanging with friends. As a career path, she hopes to get an education in screenwriting, and become a successful actress and screenwriter.

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