Golden Earth Film Award's Best Student Film winner of March 2020 Edition

The Ones Who Survived Directed by Jordan-Paige Sudduth won the Best Student Film Award

Poster of the Film

(Inspired by Alexandra Bracken's "The Darkest Minds")

A lethal disease called I.A.A.N has wiped through the United States, killing 98% of the child population and leaving the survivors with potentially dangerous supernatural abilities.

After the loss of their sister Abby, Desi and Olive are on thin ice with their parents. Olive makes a disturbing discovery and the two have to make a run for it to avoid being sent to rehabilitation camps.

About the Director: Jordan-Paige Sudduth is a 19 year old actor, filmmaker, director, and writer. She wrote her first film at age 14 and produced it that summer after turning 15, and has adored making films ever since. Jordan currently attends Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia and is studying Writing for Film, Television, and Games.

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