Golden Earth Film Award's Best Student Film winner of May 2018 Edition

Best Student Film

Sans Titre Directed by Patrik Howanitz

Poster of the Film

a Story about Satire about Art, where a painter has to struggle through critics and internet piracy to get finally acknowledged as a famous artist in the world of public media. The fear of ending up as an impoverished artist on the streets, spurs him to open an art Gallery and line his own pockets by presenting and selling his latest artworks. Blinded by the huge success of the opening, he forgets why he actually wanted do be an artist once.

About the Director: Patrik Howanitz

Patrik Howanitz was born in Salzburg, Austria, before moving to Vienna, where he is studying at the department of „History“ and „Theatre, Film and Media Studies“. He is also participating screenwriter, director, producer and editor in independent shorts, as well as Video Creator on YouTube. Howanitz is also co-founder, - screenwriter, -producer of Tim Turbo (Web-Series), where he is also featuring as an actor in the main cast.

Trailer of the film

Behind the scenes of the film

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