Golden Earth Film Award's Best Trailer winner of December 2019 Edition

Kaia Directed by Stephen Presley won the Best Trailer Award

Poster of the Film

Kaia is an Amazon warrior from ancient Greece who gets abducted by the Sosamain Empire, she is a slave in their world and purchased to be a Gladiator. However she constantly works to escape, fights those who rule, she refuses to bend and gains allies along the way.

About the Director: Stephen Presley is a well known creative force on the rise in the industry. For many years he was focused on being musical artist that just never seems to get his big break. He spent many years learning art of production and music composition to earn money to survive in Los Angeles. Presley is a very elusive creative person with technical skills that allow people of any budget to get the best out of their films or musical project. He is an amazing musical composer, however, has not allowed his music released do to the fact he is going to release a music album with his long time friend and music agent giant Tom Mazzetta being produced in 2018. In his younger years he spend time on a Disney sets as his mother was the on set nurse. Stephen refused to act as he did not like his appearance on camera even though many feel he could be a star including Dick Michaels who Presley found many disagreements with his vision for Presley and content based upon the exploitation of his Surname for funding purposes. Michaels and Presley remain friends but no longer have a working arrangements. Presley grew up in the same small North Carolina home town that which many celebs call live or visit frequently such as Steve Martin, Vincent D'Onofrio, Producer Jean D'Onofrio, Edwin McCain, Andie MacDowell, Jude Law, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Jordan and Etc.... He did grow up playing in the same forest that the Hunger Games, and Last of the Mohicans were filmed. Currently, Presley is working in Europe making an LA exodus in fall 2017 to spend time with his family and child. Stephen has made the move to above the line in film production as he is carrying various roles for new upcoming films with long time friend, mentor, and Latino star Damian Chapa.

Behind the scenes of the film

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