Golden Earth Film Award's Best Trailer winner of January 2019 Edition

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IMPURATUS Directed by Michael Yurinko

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a Story about With an ice storm on his heels, Detective Clayton Douglas of the Allentown Police Dept. travels across the snow-covered road to what seems like the middle of nowhere. Out in this vast emptiness sits the massive state hospital. A modern marvel of its day. Clayton directs his car towards it. Inside, the hospital continues to impress. Clayton meets the receptionist and explains he was on a call with Dr. Heysinger when the line went dead. Being the inquisitive detective that he is, Clayton stops by to check things out. He's quickly met by Dr. Heysinger, who begins to tell him of the mysterious man in the basement who oddly enough asked for the detective by name. Daniel Glassman, a Civil War Vet not only asked for Clayton by name, he also wants to confess to something horrible. This situation is just too strange for Clayton to turn away and agrees to meet Daniel. In the basement, locked in a room is Daniel - a bloated, half-dead old man covered in scars. Eyes sunk but piercing. Already in the room is Sister Rose, who seems to be entranced by the sheer sight of Daniel, is present for medical aid and spiritual guidance. Daniel has a difficult time speaking so he wrote his confession down. As Dr. Heysinger reads the confession, we are transported back to 1863 and we see first hand what unbelievable events took place. Not only will it shock everyone involved but it will have them questioning their very fabric of faith and fighting for their lives.

About the Director: Michael Yurinko

In 1995, Michael Yurinko stepped out of the gate swinging with his first screenplay PLAINFIELD placing as a semi-finalist in both the Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting and the Chesterfield Screenwriting Competition.

Instead of film school he took out a personal loan and went on to write and direct the short film RETROSPECT. Michael continued writing screenplays while directing regional TV commercials under his production/advertising company Gage Films and directing a weekly regional TV show called "Valley Home Shopping". After winning multiple awards for his commercial work, he focused on writing and directing FADING, his first feature which he self-financed.

FADING gained critical praise during its short theatrical run and played in several film festivals. Michael worked as the assistant director on the hit TV documentary show "Forensic Files" which is distributed to 140 countries.

His next screenplay FOR THE LOVE OF JADE won 1st Prize in the Fade In Awards and placed as a semi-finalist in the Nicholl Fellowships - top 100 our of 7000 entries.

Stepping up the scope of work, Michael wrote and directed the psychological horror film ENTITY starring Holt Boggs and Nick Mancuso. The film earned a profit for its investors being distributed on DVD and VOD platforms worldwide and also won multiple awards and nominations from several horror film festivals.

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