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    Golden Earth Film Award's Best Web Series winner of December 2019 Edition

    Herrings Directed by Keith Chamberlain won the Best Web Series Award

    Poster of the Film

    Herrings is a dramatic web series about Frank Briggs, a former skip tracer who helps people disappear in plain sight by disguising their digital footprint. However, in Season Two, it’s Frank Briggs who’s disappeared and his unexpected absence will reverberate with our ensemble of characters as they intersect and overlap within the mosaic of Philadelphia.

    About the Director: Keith Chamberlain is a New Jersey-based artist and filmmaker who strives to tell complex and intimate stories. He has created several projects including the award-winning short films, The Friend of My Friend is Apparently Not My Friend (2013), The Burning Tree (2014) and his dramatic web series, Herrings (2016). His work has screened at festivals and institutions throughout the country

    Behind the scenes of the film