Golden Earth Film Award's Best Web Series winner of September 2018 Edition

Best Web Series

"FML Series - Pilot Directed by Viktoria I.V. King

Poster of the Film

a Story about "F.M.L." ("F**k My Life"), is a comedic web series about five friends of color going through a quarter life crisis whilst working in some facet of the porn industry.

This an inclusive comedy that centers around five millennial friends of color who are currently navigating through the bullshit called life as they try to find themselves, their identity, actual money in their bank account, their purpose and make sure to drink a lot and get laid along the way.

An aspiring erotica writer, a lover of sex/sex store employee, an indie filmmaker turned porn director, an actor/model turned aspiring porn star, and an entrepreneur of sex make up the group of friends. Plus there are so many other characters they meet along the way.

About the Director: Viktoria I.V. King

Viktoria I.V. King is a multi-racial British American director, producer, writer and photographer. She's also a former dancer and a classically trained actor which rounds out her versatility in the arts. She's the Creative Director and Executive Producer at CYNE 59 Productions ( She believes in quality over quantity. She is also the creator of the upcoming comedic series "FML" (F**k MY LIfe) Series. She has written, directed and produced both theatre & film in New York City and London for the past decade. A poet at heart and a novelist by chance, she's written two novels,"The Throne of Blood" and "Ultraviolence: A Broken Mirage" (both due for self-publishing in 2018).

She's an artist through and through.

The Web Series - "FML Series - Pilot

Behind the scenes of the film

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