Golden Earth Film Award's Best Web Series winner of September 2020 Edition

The Snake Pit - Episode 1: "Tesla's AC Induction Motor" Directed by Brett Jubinville won the Best Web Series Award

Poster of the Film

Nikola Tesla's latest invention is put to the test as it goes before a panel of judges. Learn about the induction motor as Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, J.P. Morgan and George Westinghouse debate its value and decide if they're going to fund it on ... the Snake Pit!

About the Director: Brett Jubinville, Co-Founder, Tinman Creative Studios

Brett Jubinville is the Co-Owner of Skyship Entertainment, a digital-first production and distribution company, and Co-Founder of Tinman Creative Studios.

Brett has been in the animation industry for over a decade. The hats he's worn in that time include: Lead Character Designer (The Future is Wild), Animation Director (Dirtgirlworld), Production Designer (Pig Tale), Technical Director (Ugly Americans), and Creator/Director (Super Science Friends, which screened at Annecy, 2017).

Behind the scene

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